Best Gift Ideas for Bridal Showers on Amazon

Best Gift Ideas for Bridal Showers on Amazon

Thinking about that bridal shower on your calendar and struggling with what to give the lucky bride? Should you get something off the registry…or not? Let’s be real; the happy couple likely put a lot of time and energy into their registry, but sometimes there isn’t anything left that communicates your happiness and congratulations the way you were hoping (measuring cups or spatulas…really?).

In the event that you’re weighing your options – you could always use their registry as a guide for style and general preferences and choose something that they really would use that works with something else on their registry (think placemats & linen napkins that coordinate with their dishware design). Keeping the newlyweds’ personality & preferences in mind, here are the Best Gifts & Ideas for Bridal Showers on Amazon.


Best Gifts & Ideas on Amazon under $5

Best Gifts & Ideas On Amazon Under $5

Sometimes you just need a good, inexpensive gift – but you don’t want to sacrifice on creativity or quality. Forget going to Walmart or the Dollar Store. You can find infinitely better gifts & ideas from the comfort of your own home! Here are some of the Best Gifts & Ideas on Amazon Under $5.


Cool & Fun Things under $5 on Amazon

Cool & Fun Stuff On Amazon Under $5

Cool and fun stuff doesn’t have to break the bank – in fact, a lot of fun things are actually less expensive than you think. Think of all those stocking stuffers mom and grandma used to get you -or those random aisle caps and checkout displays at Wal*Mart.

So don’t think Amazon doesn’t have you covered. Here’s a list of the best Cool & Fun Stuff on Amazon under $5.


Supernatural Spy Novels

Best Supernatural Spy Novels on Amazon

From the CIA to international spies and everything in between, spy novels have a way of capturing your imagination and taking you on a thrilling adventure! Don’t think of the predictable, typical fiction books – these are compelling reads that perfectly unite the fantastical with thrilling drama. If you’re into Spy Novels, you’ll love this list of The Best Supernatural Spy Novels on Amazon.


Best Gifts & Ideas for 35 year old Women on Amazon

Best Gifts & Ideas For 35 Year Old Women on Amazon

Women in their mid- to late-30s. These are the women who are full-fledged adults – they can actually give you advice on everything from career to love to family and everything in between (and not be making it up or reciting something from their favorite blog)!

It may seem like they are “settling down” and focusing in on those major life investments like careers, growing a family, investing in their community…you know, the real adulting.

But did you know that a 35 year old woman is at her peak of creativity and efficiency? The mid-thirties of life don’t have to be routine and boring! If you’re looking for the perfect gift, check out this list of the best gifts & ideas for 35 year old women on Amazon.



Best Cinderella Picture Books on Amazon

Reading is one of the most powerful teaching tools for a child – cognitive & visual development, creativity, and lots more! And what better way to engage their little minds with fun fairy tales of magical lands and happy ever afters? And what’s more classic than the Cinderella story? Here’s a list of The Best Cinderella Picture Books on Amazon – from the classic version to international re-tellings!


Reflexology Books

Best Foot Reflexology Books

Interested in a collection of Best Foot Reflexology Books (especially for beginners)? Here is our roundup from products available on Amazon to help your search!


Eastern Front

Best Books about the Operational History Of The Eastern Front on Amazon

The Eastern Front was the series of conflicts between the European Axis and the Former Soviet Union and it’s allies. The battles of the Eastern Front made up one of the largest military confrontations known in history – full of destruction and massive loss of life.

Learn more about the Operational History of the Eastern Front in the Second World War with this list of the books we’ve found on Amazon. 


Cooking Roadkill

Best Roadkill Cookbooks on Amazon

Are you into Cooking? You’ll love this list of The Top Roadkill Cookbooks on Amazon.

It may be tongue in cheek, but in many ways, cooking roadkill is an interesting challenge (and environmentally friendly source) for any cook. From old school recipes to essential cleaning considerations to modern takes – here are our picks for the best roadkill cookbooks available on Amazon.


Books on Blockchain

10+ Best Books On Blockchain on Amazon

If you’re interested in making money with cryptocurrencies or developing software applications to run on distributed ledgers, you’ll need to have a library of informative books about the blockchain.  


Books on Persuasion

10+ Best Books On Persuasion on Amazon

If you want to close sales and negotiate successfully, you’ll need to be an expert on persuasion. The best way to learn how to influence people is by practicing it in real-life situations. The second best way is to read about how to persuade people. 


Books on Real Estate

10+ Best Books On Real Estate on Amazon

Real estate investing is an excellent opportunity to make money on the side or even develop a full-time job. Most people dive into it without a proper understanding of how to choose the right deal, when to buy, and how to keep up with costs. The best books on real estate will cover a specific discipline like flipping, rentals, or commercial real estate. 


10+ Best Books On Prayer on Amazon

Prayer has its place in our lives, and it’s an integral part of religions from Christianity to Islam to Judaism. The best books on prayer will help you understand how your life is with prayer versus without it. 


Books on Tarot

10+ Best Books on Tarot on Amazon

Tarot cards can help you unlock spiritual guidance and predictions. Learning to read tarot spreads is a fun activity, and you can use your knowledge to offer readings to others or use your tarot cards for personal development.


Books on Economics

Top 20+ Best Books On Economics on Amazon

Of all the social sciences, economics is often the one that hits closest to home and seems to affect us most directly, yet it can also be the most confusing subject to the average person. If you have ever felt you’d like to become more economically literate but feel overwhelmed and confused by the amount of information available, we’re here to help with our list of Top 20 Best Books on Economics. Each book selected provides trustworthy information in easy to understand language.


Books on Stoicism

10+ Best Books on Stoicism on Amazon

In trying times, we’re all looking for a little peace of mind. Stoicism is a philosophy that teaches how to maintain inner peace and serenity, no matter how much chaos is around us by learning emotional restraint and the art of living simply.


Books on Meditation

10+ Best Books on Meditation on Amazon

Meditation has many benefits for both physical and emotional well-being. Meditation can help relieve stress and anxiety and increase self-awareness. As life becomes more stressful, more people are turning to meditation to regain a sense of control over their lives and help them cope better with difficult situations.


Anti-Bully Books

Top 10+ Children’s Books About Bullying on Amazon

Children live what they learn, and in a world of incredible tension and violence, it is more important than ever to cultivate empathy in our children. Bullying behaviors can begin as young as preschool age, and it is essential to teach children respect for others and reinforce ideas of kindness.


AI Books

10+ Best Books on Artificial Intelligence on Amazon

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we live, work, and play. We can accomplish so much more with less, thanks to the technological advancements in the fields of medical, agriculture, security, manufacturing, and sales. As our world continues to evolve in this new world of technology, it is essential to understand its impact, so that we can do our jobs better and adapt.


Books on Confidence

10+ Best Books on Confidence on Amazon

You become what you think about, and it all begins with having a strong internal belief in yourself. To be successful in your personal or professional life, you must believe in yourself before anyone else does. Some people are born with confidence, but everyone can always learn how to be more confident.


Books for Emotional Intelligence

10+ Best Books on Emotional Intelligence on Amazon

Emotional intelligence is a valuable concept to study throughout our lifetime because it is the key to creating meaningful relationships. If you can figure out how to understand people, you can open excellent opportunities professionally and personally. Emotional intelligence is more than understanding others, but it is self-awareness and the ability to manage yourself and your emotions.


10+ Best Books on Body Language on Amazon

Whenever someone communicates with someone else, over 50% of the meaning of a message is conveyed through body language. Your ability to understand nonverbal cues enables you to read people and situations effectively. It all starts with investing your time into learning what certain gestures mean and then using these clues to influence people.


Best Books about Moon Magic & Worship on Amazon

Are you a fan of Paganism? Or curious about the magic of the moon? Or just interested in how the moon affects our daily life and human lives? Either way, you’ll find something in this list of The Best Books about Moon Magic & Worship on Amazon.


Best Tennis Psychology Books

Best Tennis Psychology Books

Are you looking for ideas to improve your tennis game? We all know that sports are just as much science & mechanics as they are art & skill, especially the dynamic game of tennis. Here’s a roundup of the Best Tennis Psychology Books available on Amazon to help you out.


Best Woodworking & Hand Tools on Amazon

Are you a fan of Carpentry? You’ll love this list of The Best Woodworking & Hand Tools on Amazon.

“A good carpenter never blames his tools”…but a good carpenter certainly appreciates the right tools. Here are our picks for the best woodworking & hand tools available on Amazon.


Best Books about the Japanese Sword, the Katana on Amazon

Japanese Culture is far too rich to be left unexplored. With a history that dates back to the first centuries, influences from Asia, Europe and North America and a contemporary modern flair, Japanese culture is truly a beautiful tapestry woven over many years. The Katana – a Japanese sword used by the ancient Samurai – is a small piece of their culture.

If you love history and culture, you’ll love this list of The Best Books about the Japanese Sword, the Katana on Amazon + 4 Katana Swords.


Best Books about Jealousy in Relationships

Best Books about Jealousy in Relationships on Amazon

Generally stemming from fear, anxiety, concern or insecurity, jealousy is an emotion that all humans feel – even babies! Though it can lead us to protect and fight for things we love, it can invariably lead to relationship toxicity if not dealt with appropriately.

If you are interested in learning more about this complex emotion, you’ll find something in this list of The Best Books about Jealousy in Relationships on Amazon divided into two sections: Help for Children & Teenagers and Help for Adults.


Best Books about Trust in Relationships

Best Books about Trust in Relationships on Amazon

In the classroom, in the workplace, parent-child relationships, friendships, romantic relationships… Trust is an essential part of all of these relationships. Yet, our tendency is quite the opposite – to doubt the intentions of others or to let past experiences cloud our trust of others. If you’re looking to increase trust in the relationships around you, you’ll find something you love in this varied list of The Best Books about Trust in Relationships on Amazon.


The 10+ Best Books On Forgiveness on Amazon

Struggling with forgiveness or looking to help a friend? Interested in growing as a person in the area of forgiveness through Self-Help books and reading? This list of the Best Books on Forgiveness on Amazon is just for you.


Best Memoirs of Tank Crewmen in WW2 on Amazon

World War 2 was one of the most disastrous military conflicts in history, totaling more than 50 million casualties. The Allies fought the Axis powers from 1939 to 1945, finally resulting in the fall of Nazi Germany and subsequently ending the war. Reading accounts from history books is one thing, but what about personal experiences?

If you’re a fan of World History, you’ll find the books in this list of The Best Memoirs of Tank Crewmen in WW2 on Amazon to be gripping.


Best Plain Jane Heroines Feature Image

Best Plain Jane Heroines In Romance Novels on Amazon

Interested in a romance novel for your next vacation? Or maybe you just need a great story to pass the time. Here’s a list of the The Best Plain Jane Heroines In Romance Novels on Amazon. You’re sure to find a thrilling, enjoyable read in this list!


Cool & Fun Stuff on Amazon Under $25

Cool & Fun Stuff On Amazon Under $25

What do baseball games, theme parks, mani/pedis and Amazon all have in common? Cool, fun stuff for under $25!

In all seriousness though, Amazon has a ton of amazing products – which doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. But some of these cool, fun products will surprise you with their fabulous prices. Here is a list of Cool & Fun Stuff on Amazon for Under $25.


Best Gifts & Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls on Amazon

Best Gifts & Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls on Amazon

Your toddler isn’t just growing physically – her little mind is rapidly growing in everything from fine motor skills like learning to zip jackets and push small buttons to cognitive understanding that allows her to participate in make believe and copy you and her friends. It’s a fun and fascinating time to be in a 3 year old’s world!

Her ever-changing mind and interests make it hard to find toys that will be fun, educational and engaging – So here’s a list of the Best Gifts & Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls on Amazon.


Best Gifts & Ideas For 1 Year Old Boys on Amazon

Best Gifts & Ideas for 1 Year Old Boys on Amazon

Life can be so exciting with a little one year old around – they are going through so many changes developmentally physically, socially and emotionally. They love to mimic your words and actions, search for hidden objects, explore their world by shaking, banging and even throwing things. They even begin to favor certain toys and people.

There are so many options on Amazon’s toy inventory, it’s hard to know what’s best when it comes to developmentally appropriate and fun toys. So here are some of the Best Gifts & Ideas for 1 Year Old Boys on Amazon.


Best Gifts & Ideas for 9 Month Old Babies on Amazon

Best Gifts & Ideas For 9 Month Old Babies on Amazon

A 9 month old baby is generally on the move all the time – whether it’s pulling him or herself up to stand, side-stepping along a table or the couch, crawling on all fours or just moving to a sitting position on his or her own. They love playing games like peek-a-boo and watching items as they fall, plus they are starting to use their thumbs and index fingers to pinch little things (and inevitably put them in their mouth…whether it’s edible or not!)

Buying a gift for a 9 month old baby can be a fun thing – especially since they are at the age where they have a “favorite” toy. Yours could be their new favorite! Here’s a list of some of the best gifts & ideas for a 9 month old baby on Amazon that will be engaging, fun and developmentally appropriate!