10+ Best Books on Stoicism on Amazon

In trying times, we’re all looking for a little peace of mind. Stoicism is a philosophy that teaches how to maintain inner peace and serenity, no matter how much chaos is around us by learning emotional restraint and the art of living simply.

Below we’ve put together a list of the 10 Best Books On Stoicism in print today for you to explore Stoicism further.

1. The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living – by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselmen

The Daily Stoic

The Daily Stoic is an excellent book for those who want to start living a life of Stoicism. Each day you read a quotation from some of the world’s most famous stoics past and present, from ancient Greek philosophers to modern-day CEOs.

The authors present questions and short exercises you can do each day and offer practical advice and actions you can take to start your journey to the Stoic life. Find it on Amazon.

2. The Practicing Stoic: A Philosophical User’s Manual -by Ward Farnsworth

Farnsworth takes Stoicism out of the field of your typical pop-culture type of self-help book and deeper into the core of the philosophy itself. The book contains 12 lessons on different topics.

The author presents quotes from influential and well-known stoics and offers good-humored accounts of their thinking. He draws on a large variety of sources and adds his insights and helpful explanations to help guide readers in the thought and practical application of stoic principles. Find it on Amazon.

3. The Little Book of Stoicism: Timeless Wisdom to Gain Resilience, Confidence, and Calmness -by Jonas Salzgeber

The Little Book of Stoicism

The author begins his book with a history of Stoicism and what it’s all about. He then leads his readers through 55 Stoic practices, meditations, and ideals. One of the great appeals to this book is how down to earth the author is both in his explanations of Stoicism and its application to your life. Find it on Amazon.

4. Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness – by Epictetus, translated by Sharon Lebell

Art of Living

At the core of Epictetus’ teaching was the idea that humans can’t control what happens to them in life only how they react to it.

Although the book is brief, it’s considered an essential read to anyone seriously interested in Stoicism. Sharon Lebell translates Epictetus words into accessible language for the modern reader while still holding true to Epictetus’ teachings and ideas. Find it on Amazon.

5. On the Shortness of Life– by Seneca translated by John W. Basore

On The Shortness Of Life

Seneca is one of the best known and commonly quoted Stoics of all time. This book presents Seneca’s teachings but also includes helpful notes to help the modern reader understand the history and the context in which Seneca was speaking.

The book consists of three essays teaching us how to accept death peacefully, how to be rich without wealth, and how to go through life with peace of mind through the practice of self-reflection and action. Find it on Amazon.

6. Meditations -by Marcus Aurelius, translated by Gregory Hayes

Meditations: A New Translation

Meditations is a series of spiritual exercises and advice for coping with the world around you, how to interact with others, and how to face adversity with serenity and clarity of thought.

The new translation puts Marcus Aurelius words into modern English and is an essential read for both new and seasoned Stoics. Find it on Amazon.

7. The Beginner’s Guide to Stoicism: Tools for Emotional Resilience and Positivity- by Matthew Van Natta

The Beginner's Guide to Stoicism

This book is a good choice if you feel you want a bit of background before throwing yourself fully into studying the stoics and their philosophy. It clearly explains the difference between Stoicism as a traditional Philosophy and Stoicism as a term used in modern culture.

It also gives a history, so you understand the context in which Stoicism was created and grew to what into what it is today. The book introduces the key ideas of Stoicism for those who would like to have a little more explanation of what it is and how to apply it to life. Find it on Amazon.

8. Stoicism: A Detailed Breakdown of Stoicism Philosophy and Wisdom from the Greats: A Complete Guide To Stoicism -by George Tanner

Stoicism: A Detailed Breakdown of Stoicism Philosophy and Wisdom

If you’re a serious philosopher but would like a book that very clear and easy to understand, Tanner’s book is a good choice. It covers everything from Stoicism’s origins to key terms and individuals whose ideas help grow Stoicism into the Philosophical school it is today. It’s very informative, but you don’t feel like you need to have a degree in philosophy to understand it. Find it on Amazon.

9. Stoicism– By John Sellars

Stoicism (Ancient Philosophies)

Sellar’s book gives an overview of Stoicism and history and proceeds to explain the breakdown of Stoicism into three different branches. The book describes each branch in detail, with each one getting a whole chapter.

You’ll come from this book with a clear and detailed understanding of Stoicism and suggestions for further reading. Find it on Amazon.

10. A Handbook for New Stoics: How to Thrive in a World Out of Your Control―52 Week-by-Week Lessons by Massimo Piglucci and Gregory Lopez

Handbook for New Stoics

Whether you’re new to Stoicism or just looking for a refresher, this book is a solid choice. It breaks the complex principles of Stoicism into weekly easy to follow and easy to digest lessons. It introduces each concept a little at a time rather than bombarding you with too much information all at once. The different exercises ease you into the Stoic life, and after you’ve gone through the book, it still serves as a great reference book. Find it on Amazon.


If a simple, meaningful life free from emotional complications sounds appealing, there’s a lot of great reading material available to start you on your Stoic journey. Depending on how deeply you want to delve into Stoicism, there are many great options on this list. However, if we had to pick just one, it would be The Beginner’s Guide to Stoicism: Tools for Emotional Resilience and Positivity- by Matthew Van Natta. It has a little bit of everything without being a heavy read that takes weeks to get through before you can understand Stoicism and its key principles.

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